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Making a Voluntary Contribution is an easy & reliable way to support the program of your choice!

100% of your Voluntary Contribution goes to the department/agency you select – The money you donate goes to directly support the area you select after it is appropriated by the Board of Supervisors.

Contributions can be designated for any one of the six department/agencies noted below.

(1)   County Government General Fund
(2)   Fluvanna County Public Schools (FCPS)
(3)   Parks and Recreation Department
(4)   Social Services Special Welfare Fund
(5)   Sheriff’s Department
(6)   County Library

Voluntary Contributions are tax-deductible – While donations to third parties may not be, those made directly to the County for public purposes are tax deductible.  (Deductibility can depend on individual financial circumstances, so if you are making a donation for tax purposes, please consult your tax advisor.)


In Person

Forms are always available at the County Treasurer’s Office, where you can make a voluntary contribution by cash or check.

Print & Mail Form

Print the Voluntary Contributions Form (link below), fill in the form, and drop it off in person or mail it with your check to the County Treasurer’s Office.


Donate online by personal check or credit card through the link below.




To read the complete Voluntary Contributions Program Policy, click here.


Questions or Comments? Contact the County Administrator’s office at (434) 591-1910.