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Capital Asset Status Change Form

Capital Reserve Maintenance Fund Request

Direct Deposit

Employment Award and Recognition Program PRIDE Recognition Form

Equipment Request Form (for Parks & Recreation chairs, tables, etc.)

Employee Application for Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Word PDF

Fuel Card Dispute Form

Grievance Procedures Form

Historic Courthouse Use Application

Incident Investigation Form

Leave Sharing Form(This is in .pdf format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)

Office Move Request Form

Pay-IN Voucher (updated July 2016)

Payment Voucher (updated July 2016)

Personnel Action Request (formerly Personnel Status Change Form)

Purchase Requisition Form

Purchasing Card Agreement Form (updated April 2013)

Purchasing Card Dispute Form

Purchasing Card Log (updated April 2014)

Purchasing Card Maintenance Request Form

Quotation Form

Reimbursement - 2016 Local Travel Form (updated Jan 2016)

Reimbursement - 2016 Overnight Travel Form (updated Jan 2016)

Reimbursement - 2017 Local Travel Form (updated Jan 2017)

Reimbursement - 2017 Overnight Travel Form (updated Jan 2017)

Request for Compensation for Additional Degrees, Licenses & Certifications

Supplemental Appropriation Form

2015 State W-4 Form

2015 Federal W-4 Form