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Table of Contents - 4th Edition 2016

Please click here for searchable County Code in one document. County Code is segregated by Chapter below.  
**The Fluvanna County Code was updated through action of the Board of Supervisors on December 20, 2016**


1.  General Provisions 12.  Economic Development Authority
2. Administration 13. Itinerant Dealers and Salesmen
3. Reserved 14. Miscellaneous Offenses
3.1 Agricultural and Forestal Districts 15. Motor Vehicles and Traffic
4. Animals and Fowl 15.1 Noise Control
5. Buildings 16. Obscenity
5.5 Conservation Easements Program 17. Personnel
6. Erosion and Sedimentation Control 18. Roads and Highways
7. Festivals, Dance Halls and Carnivals, etc. 19. Subdivision Ordinance
8. Fire Protection and Public Safety 20. Taxation
9. Fork Union Sanitary District 21. Water and Sewage Disposal
10. Garbage, Refuse and Waste 22. Zoning Ordinance
11. Reserved Appendix



The text of the Code of the County of Fluvanna, Virginia, is made available online as a convenience to citizens and the legal community. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this online version of the County Code, please be advised that the only official edition of the County Code is the printed version maintained by the Fluvanna County Attorney. Downloaded versions are not official. Copies of the printed County Code are available for review by the public during regular business hours in the Office of the County Administrator, County Administration Building, Palmyra, Virginia. Copies of the printed County Code may be purchased at the County Administrator’s Office.

Please note that the Board of Supervisors may have made amendments, additions, or deletions to the County Code subsequent to the last supplementation of this online version of the County Code. For more information regarding this online version of the County Code, or to purchase copies of the printed County Code, please call Kelly Belanger Harris at 434-591-1910 or by email.