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Nichols - Nov 2014 Web

Steven M. Nichols, County Administrator

Kelly Belanger Harris, Clerk to the Board


Role of the County Administrator

The County Administrator serves as the administrative head of government for Fluvanna County. As such and under State code ยง 15.2-1541, the County Administrator is responsible to the Board of Supervisors for the proper management of all the affairs of the locality which the Board has authority to control.

He shall, unless it is otherwise provided by general law, charter or by ordinance or resolution of the Board:

1. See that all ordinances, resolutions, directives and orders of the governing body and all laws of the Commonwealth required to be enforced through the governing body or officers subject to the control of the governing body are faithfully executed;

2. Make reports to the governing body from time to time as required or deemed advisable upon the affairs of the locality under his control and supervision;

3. Receive reports from, and give directions to, all heads of offices, departments and boards of the locality under his control and supervision;

4. Submit to the governing body a proposed annual budget, in accordance with general law, with his recommendations;

5. Execute the budget as finally adopted by the governing body;

6. Keep the governing body fully advised on the locality's financial condition and its future financial needs;

7. Appoint all officers and employees of the locality, except as he may authorize the head of an office, department and board responsible to him to appoint subordinates in such office, department and board;

8. Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the governing body.