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The following permits are required for new structures:

  1. Zoning Permit $100.00 for Primary Structures $50.00 for Secondary Sturctures.

  2. Well Permit and/or Septic Tank Permit - where applicable - contact Health Department for current fees.

  3. VDOT Land Use (entrance construction) - where applicable no fee

  4. Agreement in lieu of Erosion and Sediment $125 Control Plan for single family residence

  5. Building Permit - cost varies


The following steps are required for all new buildings - single family/accessory buildings/structures, or other construction/alterations (exceptions may apply to farming/agricultural buildings):

  1. Complete Zoning Permit application (Site Plan of property required)--where applicable.

  2. Apply for Well/Septic Permit and VDOT entrance approval--where applicable.

  3. Submit site and building plan with Building Permit application.

  4. Apply for Land Disturbing Permit and designate a Certified Responable Land Disturber--where applicable.

  5. Upon review of site/building plan and building permit application, receipt of well/septic permit and VDOT approval, and the Land Disturbing Permit Issued (where applicable) with the payment of fees, the Building Inspections Department will issue the Building Permit.