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Ordinary repairs as defined in the Building Code No Charge
Building or structure for farm use No Charge
Storage structures with unfinished interior, including additions  
Residential $.09 Square Foot with
$45.00 Minimum
All other use groups $.15 Square Foot with
$90.00 Minimum
Remodeling (not including Electric, Plumbing, Mechanical)  
     Use groups R5 $65.00
     All other use groups $315.00
     Basement finish after original c/o has been issued $.13 Square Foot
Moving or relocation (All Use Groups) $90.00
Razing with attached public utilities (All Use Groups) $90.00

One and two family dwelling, computed on outside dimensions of finished living space, each floor (Use Groups R5)

$.18 Square Foot
$90.00 Minimum
Basement, unfinished space $.06 Square Foot
$45.00 Minimum
1 & 2 family additions $.06 Square Foot
$45.00 Minimum
Commercial, Institutional & Multi-family, including additions (Use Groups A, B, I, R, I & E) $.26 Square Foot
Gross Floor Area
$270.00 Minimum
Industrial & mercantile, including additions (Use Groups F, H, M & S) $.26 Square Foot
Gross Floor Area
$270.00 Minimum
Plumbing (All Use Groups) $30.00 Plus
$8.00 Per Fixture
Mechanical - Heating & A/C  
     Residential (Use Groups R5) - each system $90.00
     All other use groups $.06 Square Foot
$90.00 Minimum
     All other mechanical permits $45.00
Electrical (All Use Groups)  
     All buildings - existing, new or addition $.06 Square Foot
$45.00 Minimum
     All other electrical permits (service charge) $45.00

     Mobile home parks, campgrounds, RV parks  (Temporary service not required if used with building permit for building)

Modular homes  
     Slab & crawl space foundation $250.00
     Basement $250.00 Plus
$.06 Square Foot
Manufactured homes  
     Single wide $225.00
     Double wide $315.00
     Basement $.06 Square Foot
Swimming pools, excluding electrical  
     Residential $65.00
     Commercial $135.00
Other structures, towers, tanks, etc. (excluding electrical, mechanical, plumbing) $45.00
 Permit renewals $45.00
 Re-inspection fee (Ord. 5-21-97, Ord. 7-21-99) $45.00 
 Appeals to board of building code appeals $90.00 

In addition to the above fees, for all permits for new homes, mobile homes.  Multi-family dwellings, Businesses and all other buildings  expected to receive, or actually receiving, telephone service.

 $35.00 for each separate building, plus $55.00 for
each addressed unit within
any such building

Permit Fee Refunds
In the case of a revocation of a permit or the abandonment of a building project, a refund for the portion of the work that was not completed shall be provided when requested in writing.  An administrative fee of 25% and a fee of $30.00 per inspection made shall be retained. (Min. Bk. 7, pp. 203, 239; Comp. 1974, ch. 5; Ord. 4-1-77; Ord. 7-1-84; Ord. 5-21-97; Ord. 7-21-99; Ord. 1-17-01; Ord. 11-20-02; Ord. 8-03-05)