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Type and order of inspections

  1. Footer inspection before placing concrete
  2. Foundation/poured concrete wall forms inspection necessary to assure compliance with the code
  3. Inspection of any prep work prior to concrete placement (slab prep, garage prep)
  4. Temporary electrical service inspection (if applicable)
  5. Groundwork plumbing inspection for basement plumbing (if applicable)
  6. Before backfill:
    1. Backfill inspection for basement wall
    2. Damp-proofing and drainage in place
  7. Before Concealment:
    1. Framing (any structural members and fasteners)
    2. Rough-in mechanical
    3. Rough-in electrical
    4. Rough-in plumbing
  8. Insulation inspection before drywall
  9. Chimney throat inspection (if applicable)
  10. Early electrical service inspection
  11. Sewer Line inspection (where applicable)
  12. Final inspection
  13. Issue Certificate of Occupancy
  14. MOVE IN