Youths who may be eligible to receive services fall into one of two groups:


Those for whom services are legally mandated to be provided. These include youth in foster care or those who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that requires the youth to receive education in a private day or residential school.


Those who are targeted for services, or who are given priority for services. Most are youths placed through the courts in private or public facilities or non-residential programs.

Those who are eligible for services because they have emotional or behavioral difficulties that have lasted a long time, are very disabling and require services beyond usual agency services; and/or

Those who are eligible for services because they are currently in, or at risk of entering residential services.

*These youth are not legally required to receive services but may be served out of limited CSA funds when available.

In addition, the child or youth requires services or resources that are beyond normal agency resources or routine collaborative processes across agencies, and requires coordinated services by at least two community agencies.

How can services be accessed by parents?

Parents should contact their case manager at one of the local agencies, i.e. Department of Social Services, Fluvanna County Public Schools, Region Ten Community Services Board, the Juvenile Court Service Unit, or by contacting the CSA Program Manager at the County Administration Building, 434-591-1933.