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The act requires that the following human service agencies work together to implement the CSA in the community:

  • Department of Social Services
  • Fluvanna County Public Schools
  • Region Ten Community Services Board <
  • Fluvanna County Health Department
  • Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court

In addition to these agencies, a Parent Representative, is appointed from the community. Above all, parental involvement is extremely important and welcome.

Teams working together... 

In each community, various teams are working together to implement the CSA. In the Fluvanna County, these teams are the:

  • Family Assessment & Planning Team (FAPT)
  • Community Policy & Management Team (CPMT)

The following information describes each team and how it functions.

Family Assessment & Planning Team (FAPT)...

Family Assessment and Planning Teams are made up of six appointed members:

  • A Parent Representative;
  • Representatives from Department of Social Services;
  • Representatives from Fluvanna County Public Schools;
  • Representatives from Region Ten Community Services Board;
  • Representatives from Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court;
  • A Fluvanna County Parks & Recreation Department representative

What you can expect from the FAPT process...

FAPT meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of every month from 8:30 am – 11:30 am at the Fluvanna County Department of Social Services. When you attend a FAPT meeting, the leader of the FAPT or the Parent Representative will explain the process of the meeting, tell you about your rights, and introduce you to everyone in the room. Your case manager will present your child's case to the FAPT and make recommendations as to what services are needed. After that, you and your child (if attending) will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and add any information that you think is relevant to this process. Then others involved with your child may wish to add further information.

After open discussion of the information presented, services requested, and resources available, the FAPT decides which services are most appropriate, and may make amendments or recommendations to the Individual Family Service Plan ( IFSP). The FAPT then decides the services that they will approve*.

Decisions are made by general agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, a vote will be taken from the six members of the FAPT, the case manager and the parent or legal guardian.

At the end of the meeting the team leader will:

  • restate the plan and goals to make sure they are clear
  • review everyone’s responsibilities
  • set a service review date.

Your case manager has a copy of all forms used in the FAPT meeting. You, as a parent, may request a copy of those forms from your case manager. Services agreed upon may not begin until you give written consent, unless ordered by the court system.

*CSA funds are limited for non-mandated youth and are not always immediately available for FAPT approved services.

How is a case reviewed?

Each case that comes before a FAPT must be reviewed, with review dates set at the FAPT meeting. Reviews occur every six months with some exceptions. It is important to advise your child’s case manager of any significant events or changes.

What happens if you do not agree with the FAPT?

At the FAPT meeting you will be given a document explaining what to do if you do not agree with the recommendations of the FAPT. The Community Policy & Management Team hears appeals (CPMT). All letters of appeal should be addressed to:

Chairperson, Fluvanna County CPMT
P.O. Box 540
Palmyra, VA 22963

Community Policy & Management Team (CPMT)...

This is a policy-making team that oversees the implementation of the CSA and makes all FAPT appointments. This team oversees funding, helps agencies to work together and hears appeals on FAPT decisions. It is also responsible for implementing new legislation that affects the CSA. The local governing body of Fluvanna County appoints the members of the CPMT. Members include:

  • Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors
  • Department of Social Services
  • Region Ten Community Services Board
  • Fluvanna County Health Department
  • Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court
  • Fluvanna County Public Schools
  • Fluvanna County Finance Director
  • Parent Representative

CPMT Meetings: CPMT meets the Fourth Tuesday of every month. Meetings are held at the FDSS conference room at 9:30am.