Fire and rescue, emergency medical services, and emergency management programs are provided through the concerted efforts of the Office of Emergency Services, Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Fluvanna Volunteer Fire Department, and Fluvanna Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Important Numbers:

Have an emergency? Dial 9-1-1

In the case of a non-emergency, please dial (434) 589-8211 for the Sheriff's Department.

Update your contact info in CODE RED for emergency notifications.

In the event of inclement weather - Tune to the the following televeision and radio stations for information on Fluvanna County closings:

NBC 29 (WVIR-TV Charlottesville )


Fluvanna Review

ABC 8 (WRIC-TV Richmond)


WCYK 99.7 Radio

CBS 6 (WTVR-TV Richmond)


WINA 1070 AM Radio

FOX 5 (WRLH-TV Richmond)


WQMZ-Z95 Radio (95.1 Charlottesville)
CBS 19; ABC 16; FOX 27; (Charlottesville)


Preparing for Emergencies Makes Sense

Visit the Community Resources page for tips, emergency plans, and important prepardness information.