Pleasant Grove Park: A Natural Experience



Come join us and experience nature first hand at Fluvanna County’s Pleasant Grove Park. With the Rivanna River and adjacent forests and fields, we have every type of Piedmont Virginia habitat represented in the Park.

Over 20 miles of trails run through these habitats which contain a diverse population of wildflowers, animals and birds. Our river habitat is host to river otters, eagles and ducks while in our untended grassy fields you will see many songbirds, hawks, and rabbits. Walk our tree identification trail and learn the names of our many native Virginia trees.

Be the first to spot a covey of quail as they return to our newly re-naturalized areas. Come see our work in progress as we build a new bluebird nesting trail and put in our new Pollinator Garden. Visit the Park each season of the year to have a rich natural experience unparalleled in Central Virginia.

(Pleasant Grove Park Natural Habitat Broucher)


Butterfly Garden at Pleasant Grove Park

Discover the unique alliance between plants and pollinators!

Pollinators unkowingly move pollen from flower to flower as they search for nourishing nectar and pollen. flowers become fertilized and are able to produce seeds and more plants.

Some pollinators found in our area:

  • Bees
  • Butterflies
  • Beetles
  • Flies
  • Hummingbirds

The Pleasant Grove Pollinator Garden is a demonstration of landscaping with native plants. The use of native plants provides a source of food for our native pollinators such as the bumble bee, mason bee, monarch butterfly, tiger swallowtail, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, ets. Pollinators in turn pollinate our flowers which then produce fruit for use by other wildlife and us humans. Pollinators are vital to maintaining healthy exosystems and are essential for plant reproduction.

Native pollinators are disapperaring at a rapid rate. For example, the Monarch butterfly has decreased over 80% in the past 2 decades. Wtith habitat loss a major culprit in this decline, you can do your part to support pollinators by creating pollinator-friendly gardens and protecting wildlife habitat at your home. Come visit our garden to see examples of what you can do here in the Central Virginia Piedmont to support pollinators and in fact a diverse population of wildlife, by using native plants in your landscape. Created with assistance from the Fluvanna Master Gardeners and the habitat Parners© Program of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, the Pleasant Grove Pollinator Garden is located in the main section of the Pleasant Grove Park, across from teh entrance to the museum parking lot, next to the Community Garden.

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