Sec. 6-1-5. Fees generally.

The following fees for the land-disturbing permits and related reviews pursuant to this Chapter shall be paid.  The purpose of these fees is to defray the cost of program administration, including costs associated with the issuance of grading or land disturbing permits, plan review, and periodic inspections for compliance with erosion and sediment control plans.  The fee schedule set forth in this section shall supersede any fee schedule previously adopted with respect to such permits and related reviews. (Comp. 1974, ch 21; Ord 10-21-92; Ord. 7-16-03; Ord. 6-20-07)


Single Family

$125.00 per lot

$550.00 plus $125/acre (or portion over one acre for work
     to be completed within 12 months)

$500 plus $50.00/acre (or portion over one acre for additional
      12 months)

 All Other

(24 months total)

$500.00 for each additional 12 months (over 24 month total)

$250.00 inital plan review fee

$100.00 per re-review fee